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LMS of One's Own

It's not much to look at right now, but the concept is appealing:  using Domain of One's own aggregate assignments and messages from different LMS' into a single view.  Pull together all my assignments into list view, or into a calendar view and allow me to manage those from a single location of my choosing.  No, I'm not asking for the elimination of the other tools--I will still use those to submit my work and communicate with teachers and classmates, but in the spirit of Indie Tech, Domain of One's Own, Sovereign Source Identity I want a learning space that is mine. is that place for now.  Again, not a final product by any means, but a stake in the ground to carve out my own space in a sea of LMS', Digital Learning Tools, etc.  Thanks to Glen Sawyer, Kristen Eshleman, Jim Groom, Tim Owens, Phil Windley, and Kelly Flanagan for getting this idea to this point.