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PLE and PAPI, nouns and verbs...

2 min read

A few of us at BYU have been researching, exploring and building prototypes for Personal Learning Environments (PLEs).  A PLE is a learning space that you own that allows you to pull in assignments, notifications, and other activities from different tools, websites, or resources.  Specifically, we are learning how to pull in information from different LMS' and represent the data in a single location.  Some LMS vendors have really good APIs, others not so much.  We hope to build a PLE that might serve as an interface into your Personal API (PAPI).  A PAPI is a tool that allows you share and import information into a respository that you control and maintain.  PLE + PAPI might allow you to submit assignments into an LMS as part of a class.  PLE+PAPI might allow you to share a portofolio of work with a potential employer--much richer than a few lines on a resume.  In a noun-verb metaphore a PLE is the thing (noun) that might allow you to act/share (verb) data from your personal domain, or space.  I think they go hand-in-hand--nouns and verbs allowing you to receive and share information.  I think this process is critical to learning.  More on that thought later.

A humble PLE prototype: