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LMS of One's Own

It's not much to look at right now, but the concept is appealing:  using Domain of One's own aggregate assignments and messages from different LMS' into a single view.  Pull together all my assignments into list view, or into a calendar view and allow me to manage those from a single location of my choosing.  No, I'm not asking for the elimination of the other tools--I will still use those to submit my work and communicate with teachers and classmates, but in the spirit of Indie Tech, Domain of One's Own, Sovereign Source Identity I want a learning space that is mine. is that place for now.  Again, not a final product by any means, but a stake in the ground to carve out my own space in a sea of LMS', Digital Learning Tools, etc.  Thanks to Glen Sawyer, Kristen Eshleman, Jim Groom, Tim Owens, Phil Windley, and Kelly Flanagan for getting this idea to this point.  


Lessons learned

I have learned a valuable lesson this past week.  The lesson is that I should not rely on companies, or instititutions to store my research, data, or information.  My data is my data and I should store that in tools, repositories and applications that I can control.  This is an aspect of sovereign source identity and a driving principle behind indie web applications like domain of one's one and known.  The symbol above is used by a company called, "mendeley", which is a research tool that allows you store, annotate and manage the many, many files related to graduate school.  Basically, Mendeley was storing all the research I have done for literature reviews, etc.  At some point a department at BYU decided that too many users were using the tool and they set out to fix it.  Without warning they randomly selected student accounts and deleted their access to many shared folders, kicking me out of access of hundreds of files.  I wasn't asked, I wasn't warned, just had the rug pulled out beneath me.  Supposedly, I should still have all those files and access to them, but of course I don't and can't.  Not a fan of institutional control.  I am new convert to the indie web movement.  Lesson learned!


BYU IT Executive 2016 Strategic Offsite

Great conversation today with members of Kelly Flanagan's IT Leadership team discussing strategic direction and initiatives.  Topics included:

What (are we doing?)
  • Cloud-based Compute
  • Cloud-based Storage
  • Network
  • User Identity (Domains)
  • Communications
  • Lifelong learning
How (are we doing it?)
  • DevOps
  • Domain Driven Design
  • APIs
Where (are these activities taking place?)

  • Event-driven architectures
  • Microservices
  • Student Information Services
  • Student Admissions
  • Ecclesiastical Endorsements
  • CES Initiative